2018 vEDS Collaborative Meeting

Educating patients and identifying research

Want to learn from vascular EDS experts? Want to shape the future of vEDS research?

On July 27, 2018 researchers, patient advocates, physicians and other stakeholders will meet at the University of Washington. Experts will discuss the latest in vascular EDS Treatment & Management and the group will discuss the most important research topics for vEDS patients.


The entire vEDS community - including FIGHT vEDS subscribers - are encouraged to participate via live video!

The History of the 2018 vEDS Collaborative Meeting

In October 2017, Dr. Sherene Shalhub of The University of Washington was awarded a grant by The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute ("PCORI") to develop a "patient-centered research proposal". In simple terms - to identify the topics that matter to vEDS patients and create a plan to research them. It's a unique opportunity for vEDS patients to determine what vEDS research will be done next.


For those participating via phone and video, the event will be an opportunity to hear educational sessions by leading vEDS researchers.

Register for the Meeting

The event is open to members of the vEDS community, including our subscribers. Click below to register.